Purple Dog Shit Review- Variety of medical cannabis that is actually really helpful for me

For starters, Purple Dog Shit is a terrible name for a variety of medical cannabis (and cannabis in general), but it is highly recommended from me for several reasons. I call it granddaddy purple because it looks very similar in physical appearance, structure, and taste/smell. I do believe that purple dog shit is an actual variety of cannabis and that granddaddy purple x northern lights #1 were crossed to create it. Honestly that explains a lot, those are both varieties that I love and that help with my painful medical condition. I have posted a video on youtube (embed above) about this helpful med. I hope you enjoy it.

Nature’s Resource Center in Tacoma, WA is where you can get this great herbal medication. Weedmaps says they still have it in stock which is good for you. I also tried the hippie haze and I thought it was pretty good as well. I was looking for an energetic variety for when I do consume cannabis during the day. I would say it is uplifting but not very energizing in my humble opinion. But I am a sucker for that haze taste so it was worth picking up a 1/2 gram to try out.

Here is a link to Northwest Leaf as well so you can check out the section on grandaddy purple if you want to read about the medical utility of this variety without pausing the video and turning your head sideways.

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