Synthetic Marijuana XLR-11 – Can possibly damage your kidneys

k2_spice_fakeweedWho would have thought, a synthetic replication of some of the compounds in real green sticky leaves and buds of cannabis/marijuana can hurt you quite seriously. XLR-11 a synthetic marijuana product is said to have damaged the kidneys of at least 16 people in six states. People under no circumstances should you ingest spice, k2 or any other fake weed products. This is not for ingestion it is an incense. The folks I know do not smoke incense that is just crazy….

“Synthetic marijuana is a mixture of herbs and chemical additives that are typically smoked, and referred to by a number of names, including K2, Spice and fake weed, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse. The product was declared illegal in the U.S. in July 2012. Synthetic marijuana acts on the same brain cell receptors as natural marijuana, but are more likely to cause hallucinations and heart problems. Synthetic marijuana has also been linked to an increased risk of seizures. [See Why Synthetic Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than the Real Thing.]”

I absolutely do not recommend you using this type of fake weed. It is no good and is known to cause other deleterious effects to one’s health as well. Such as vomiting, nausea, and even abdominal and back pain to name a few. I found out about this on twitter on the Scientific American’s feed. Here is a link to the article paraphrased and quoted above written by Rachael Rettner and MyHealthNewsDaily.

I just can’t believe that real cannabis is illegal and you can still buy stuff very similar to this in stores here. It may not be the same chemical as above but it is only altered slightly to avoid being illegal. Real cannabis isn’t free from its own issues but we do know that it is far more safe than most legal and illegal drugs. We need to make cannabis legal so we won’t have people trying to replace with junk like this. It could save people’s lives as well as from financial problems that come with extensive medical bills.

Damn it will the federal and state governments ever get a clue? Sometimes it seems unending this drug war fiasco…

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